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Jeremiah Donier

Most Valuable Commuter October 2008
Employer: Goodwill Industries
Occupation: Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Designer at Goodwill Industries, Jeremiah Donier supported CTR when he first started working there a year and a half ago by creating a CTR logo for ETC, Diana Smith. An avid bus rider for six years, Jeremiah knew the bus wasn’t the best option for him anymore. Overcoming challenges so he and his wife could carpool to work, they changed their daughter’s daycare center. Enjoying more time with his wife and daughter, Jeremiah carpools 5 days a week to work. Going the extra distance, when schedules don’t work to carpool, Jeremiah and is daughter ride the bus to work taking them up to 30 minutes longer.

Using commute alternatives is important to Jeremiah. Not only would he rather save money than spend it on gas, he also thinks of his daughter’s future. “By using commute alternatives, I do my part to keep the environment healthier and cleaner,” said Jeremiah”. When looking for a new car, Jeremiah upgraded to a more fuel efficient car and eliminated his other car to make them a one car family.

Helping to write CTR articles for the monthly company newsletter keeps CTR in the forefront of all employees and helps the ETC out immensely. ETC, Diana Smith says “Jeremiah’s support and enthusiasm are very much appreciated, in addition, to his goodness toward the environment overall.” Way to Go Jeremiah!