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Derek Marquez

All Star Coach December 2008
Employer: City of Airway Heights
Occupation: Permit Tech & Residential Inspector

When becoming ETC over a year ago for the City of Airway Heights, Derek Marquez made it his goal to get a CTR budget. Creating a presentation and pitching it to City Council was a little unnerving, but it was something he felt would really benefit the CTR program. His effective and enthusiastic presentation successfully got him a $1,500 yearly budget.

With 72 employees in three different buildings, Derek promotes CTR through emails, posters, a monthly CTR newsletter and monthly prizes. Creating a new theme each month keeps it fresh and fun. In his CTR newsletter, he features a “Commuter of the Month” and at year end he has a “Commuter of the Year.” Each month, Derek does something fun for employees, like filling a huge jar full of M&M’s. Employees who use a commute alternative, get to guess the number of M&M’s in the jar. The closest number gets the jar of M&M’s and another prize.

Other CTR program elements that help his program be a success are a Guaranteed Ride Home program, preferential parking for carpoolers, lockers and showers and compressed work schedules. His next goal is to have a compressed work schedule of 4 " 10’s mandated for all employees. He is also very close in starting his first vanpool. Carpooling with other ETCs from Airway Heights to ETC events, Derek sets a great example for everyone to follow. Way to Go Derek!