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Larry Neill

Most Valuable Commuter September 2008
Employer: St. Lukes Rehabilitation Institute

Larry Neill, House Keeper at St. Lukes Rehabilitation Institute has been riding the bus his whole life. With over 43 years at St. Lukes, he is a excellent example for employees to follow. Larry always thought it would be easier to let someone else do the driving, so he never pursued getting his license and he has never owned a car. Riding the bus makes him feel more secure and he loves watching the world go by him as he rides on the bus.

An avid bus rider, Larry knows all the bus drivers and even knows some of their families too. He really enjoys meeting people on the bus and has made life time friends that he would have never met unless he rode the bus. Another benefit to riding the bus is working in his daily exercise by walking to the bus stop and restaurants.

When asked if he had any challenges riding the bus, Larry simply stated “No, I never real have. I enjoy riding the bus and meeting people.” Encouraging others to give it a try, you can frequently catch Larry with a bus schedule in hand helping them find a route that works for them. “Larry is a pro at the bus and helps like a pro,” smiled Assistant ETC, Jan Prathers. “He is a true advocate both in employment and everyday living.” Way to Go Larry!