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Catherine Bowden

Most Valuable Commuter July 2008
Employer: Avista Corporation

Since 1982 during college, Catherine Bowden, Accounting Analyst at Avista Corporation, started using commute alternatives. Continuing with her first job in the Seattle area, Catherine rode the bus to work. After moving to Spokane, she began carpooling with her husband and riding the bus when they had scheduling conflicts. Her husband, an avid bicyclist, encouraged her to start bicycling to work a few years ago. Now during the summer months, Catherine rides about 3 times per week.

“I love giving employees who drive their gas guzzling SUVs to work a bad time,” smiled Catherine. “With my 15-mile commute I tell them I’m saving my carbon points for them.” A true advocate of commute alternatives, Catherine offers to ride the bus or bicycle to work with employees to get them started. Appointing her self as the Social Director on STA buses, she introduces herself to everyone and introduces the passengers to each other. She really enjoys the camaraderie and the friendships she has developed by riding the bus to work.

A one-car family, Catherine wants to be a good steward to the earth and using a commute alternative is a way of life for her, driving alone doesn’t even enter her mind. “Catherine is a perfect example of a person who sees and understands the values of using a commute alternative,” said ETC, Patty Hanson. ”Her enthusiasm towards CTR is infectious!!” Way to Go Catherine!