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Janice Mancke

Most Valuable Commuter May 2008
Employer: Safeco Insurance

Six years ago, Janice Mancke, Customer Care Professional at Safeco Insurance, had her car break down and not having the money to fix it, she started riding the bus daily. When she had enough money to fix it, she compared the cost of the car, the repair, insurance and maintenance, to a $33 bus pass. The bus pass won and Janice doesn’t own a car any more.

Janice moved closer to downtown which is more convenient for the bus and for walking. Planning ahead for appointments, shopping and entertainment, she has very few problems getting to where she needs to be. “You meet some nice people on the bus,” smiled Janice, “including the bus drivers who are always willing to help me make a connection to another bus.”

Janice started taking her boys on the bus when they were younger. Now in their early 20’s they are both avid bus riders and neither own a car. She saves approximately $400 a month by not owning a car, 4,800 a year and over the 6 years she’s been riding the bus, she has saved nearly $30,000. “Janice sets a great example for her peers,” says ETC, Al Atencio says. “She talks to them and encourages them to ride the bus to work and also about using it for personal trips.” Way to Go Janice!