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Steve Ringo

Most Valuable Commuter September 2003
Employer: Pine Lodge Pre-Release
Occupation: Job Readiness Instructor
Hobbies: Reading, writing and artwork

With a 17-mile commute, Steve Ringo enjoys his time while riding the bus to work. On his morning trip, he brings a good book to read and in the evening, he is able to relax and take an afternoon nap. He is uplifted and inspired for the day by his reading time and his nap rejuvenates him for the afternoon.
The stress of commute driving, inclement weather and encouragement from a fellow employee who was an avid bus rider, inspired Steve to try the bus seven years ago. Once he started, he was hooked. "I would miss riding the bus, if I couldn't," said Steve. Steve also enjoys other benefits, including discounted car insurance, less wear and tear on his car and saving money. Although he has only used it once, he appreciates having a guaranteed ride home program at work in case of an emergency. "Steve is an enthusiastic supporter," smiled Sheree Raska, Employee Transportation Coordinator, Pine Lodge Pre-Release. "He loves to share all his great reasons for riding the bus with other employees." Way to Go Steve!