Spring has sprung and it’s a perfect time to grow your chances to WIN with a Blooming Great Commute!

When you let that drive-alone commute grow roots and you branch out and try a commute option you grow your savings, weed out more time for you, and plant your chances to WIN!

This garden of prizes is worth taking the time to stop and smell the commute option! Participate 5X during April, update your commute calendar and you can WIN!

  • (1) $500 Gift card of choice
  • (5) $250 Gift card of choice
  • (15) $100 Amazon gift card
  • (15) $50 Amazon gift card
  • (1) $25 Worksite prize Amazon gift card

For those new to trying out a Blooming Great Commute, you have 25 more chances to WIN a $25 Amazon gift card too!

  • (25) $25 First-Time Participant Amazon gift card
    Sign up for a free CommuteSmartNW.org account, participate 5X, and update your commute calendar.