Champion Commuter

Will Slemp - City of Spokane, Public Safety

Will is a Court Clerk 1 for the City of Spokane, Public Safety. Will walks 1.2 miles to and from work every day. Prior to working for the City of Spokane, Will worked downtown and rode the bus to work each day for 3 years. Since logging his trips in July of 2018, Will has saved nearly 2,617 miles from our County roads.

Will doesn’t own a car and relies on transit or walking to get where he needs to go. He believes it’s important to do something every day to make a positive impact on our community and the environment. He also enjoys the physical exercise and the endorphins release.

Despite the weather, Will walks to work every day! He brings clothes to change into once he’s at the office, so regardless of what kind of weather he must traverse in, he is prepared! If he has an appointment during work hours, he usually makes sure his appointments are within walking distance, if he can help it. Otherwise, he does try to coordinate the timing of appointments with the bus or asks a friend for a ride.

ETC, Angie Napolitano, states “Will shares his “walking to work” experiences with his co-workers and encourages them to use alternate methods to commute to work. Will eagerly fills out and completes his commute calendar as soon as there’s a new month”!

Congratulations Will!