Champion Commuter

Tyler Smith - Fairchild Air Force Base

Tyler is a Deputy Base Civil Engineer for FAFB. Ty has been using commute options for the last 20 years, but only in the last 5 years working at FAFB.

Ty has many obligations and meetings to attend regularly. He’s constantly flexing his schedule to telework on days he doesn’t have to be in the office. Ty works a compressed work schedule and averages about 75% of his working days carpooling or teleworking. Considering he works in an executive role; this is really impressive.

With a 45-mile one-way commute it just makes sense to use a commute option. He saves money, reduces the miles on his car and does his part to contribute to fewer cars on the road. He also sets a good example with his participation. He says there’s more to it than saving money, it also provides a good work/life balance.

Ty doesn’t feel he has any challenges to overcome and says he’s surprised how few challenges he’s experienced over the years. It’s honestly never been a true problem. Participating in their CTR Program is just an accepted culture at FAFB. Ty encourages and promotes using commute options to fellow co-workers. If he hears someone complaining about their commute distance or how much they spend on their commute, he immediately sends them to Josh to see if he can help.

ETC, Josh Potter, states “I’ve known Ty since 2017 and he always has been an avid CTR supporter. He removes barriers for me as the ETC for FAFB and allows me a free hand to make Fairchild’s CTR programs one of the best in the region. Without his support and setting an example of what a good leader does to support a CTR program, FAFB’s program would not be what it is today”.

Congratulation Ty!