September MVC, 3rd Quarter 2018

Ty Smith, Fairchild Air Force Base

Ty is the Environmental Engineer for FAFB. He began working at FAFB in March of 2018. With a 45 mile ONE way commute from Rathdrum it was important for Ty to find a commute alternative to use to save the miles, wear and tear and the fuel costs of his truck.

Ty’s van begins its route in Post Falls. Ty is a backup driver and shares the driving duties. When he’s not driving, he rides in the copilot seat and makes sure soothing music is playing for the driver and other riders. He says that when people are relaxed and happy, commuting using vanpools, they vanpool more often.

Ty’s job allows him to interface with all cross sections of personnel on base and uses it as an opportunity to talk about the benefits of vanpooling to work. In the 6 months of vanpooling, he’s been personally responsible for recruiting 3 new vanpool riders to both his vanpool and others.

Ty says, “I love vanpooling to work! I average 2 oil changes on my car a year. Before joining a vanpool, I was averaging an oil change every 2 months. He enjoys doing his part.. so he’s not one of “them”….driving alone on freeway.

The biggest obstacle for him are family emergencies. Lucky for him, he has family that lives near work and they will pick him up in the event of an urgent family matter.

ETC, Josh Potter, states “Ty’s is an enthusiastic supporter of the CTR program and models what it is to be a MVC.”

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