All Star Leader

Tomson Spink – Gonzaga

Tomson is the Campus Maintenance, Grounds and Fleet Manager for Gonzaga University.

Tomson works closely with Jim Simon, the ETC for Gonzaga University and the CTR Program Manager in a variety of capacities. He provides insight on key issues around campus infrastructure and policy that affects the CTR program, and works to improve the facilities available to all CTR participants.

He sits on the CTR committee and offers valuable feedback that’s helped to improve the CTR program. He’s helped to restructure the bike locker check out system to better serve cyclists and ensured there are safe paths for walkers and bus riders to get to their destinations.

As Gonzaga continues to grow, they’re also limited how far their campus can extend. It’s imperative that employees look at other ways to get to campus, besides driving alone. Current surface parking lots will most likely be used for new construction and parking spaces on campus will be reduced.

Tomson feels that CTR helps to reduce their carbon footprint. Employees can also save money with their free bus pass program, UTAP (Universal Transit Access Pass). Gonzaga also has a significant number of bicyclists. Those employees reap the physical benefits of riding their bikes to work. Gonzaga has several bike lockers throughout the campus, so staff and faculty have safe bicycle storage.

Tomson says, “The University is committed to reducing the amount of fossil fuels used to move people to and from the Campus. In order to meet our eventual goal of zero GHG emissions we need to support and encourage as many forms of low carbon or zero carbon transportation options as possible. The CTR program is a critical component of this commitment and we are grateful to Commute Smart NW for the help towards achieving this goal”.

Jim Simon, ETC, says “Tomson has a hand in many vital aspects of what CTR is at Gonzaga”.