Champion Commuter

Tamera Cleveland - WA State DSHS - DCS

Tamera is a Supervisor for Enforcement Officers at DSHS – Division of Child Support. Tamera is a mult-modal commute option user. She carpools twice a week with her husband, she works from home twice a week, and works a compressed schedule and has every Friday off. Tamera enjoys the savings on gas and the wear and tear on her car, by using commute options.

Support for CTR starts at the top for her office. Randy Rudin, Acting Field Operations Chief and ETC, Beth Morton are both passionate about CTR. They challenge their employees to participate and track their trips on the commute calendar. Tamera challenged her team of 12 to participate, and since doing so has had 100% participation each month, within her group.

The biggest challenge for Tamera is aligning her and her husband’s work schedule. She sometimes will arrive early or stay late in order to carpool with her husband. But, she does it because she feels as a resident of WA and state employee it is her responsibility to do her part with driving less to help the environment.

ETC, Beth Morgan, says “Getting the supervisor on board with CTR activities is the biggest first step to getting staff involved & Tammy is fully supportive!!

Congratulations Tamera!