Champion ETC

Shellee Ives - City of Spokane, City Hall

Shellee Ives is a Clerk II for the City of Spokane, City Hall. She has been the ETC for nearly a year. She markets her program to approximately 480 employees. The City offers fully subsidized bus passes, compressed work schedules, guaranteed ride home, showers and lockers. They recently installed a new bike station, which includes vertical bike racks, a pump and repair tower.

What’s unique about Shellee receiving this award, is that other City of Spokane ETCs nominated Shellee. Since becoming the ETC, Shellee’s made some very positive changes, not only for her worksite but for all City CTR sites. She helped to start a City of Spokane CTR committee. With 5 separate CTR affected worksites, these ETCs have started to meet quarterly to discuss individual programs, unique worksite challenges, employee participation and program compliance.

Karrie Diana, ETC for the City of Spokane’s Water Dept., says “Shellee is very friendly and has been a positive influence on my attitude as my worksite’s ETC, as well as my own desire to choose commute options.” She was instrumental in getting a small budget for CTR that now allows each City worksite to receive a $10 gift card each month for a prize giveaway.

When asked about what her proudest moment has been since becoming ETC, she said “getting a budget for all our locations and that during the months of January and February I had 25 new participants sign up for the CTR program.

Her words of wisdom, “Keep positive and continue asking if employees are filling out their calendars. We feel like a broken record sometimes, but in reality, everyone is busy, and they can miss our communication. If you can find a small budget, that helps too.”