Champion Commuter

Shayne Schoonover - City of Spokane Public Safety

Shayne is a Court Clerk 1 for the City of Spokane, Public Safety. She’s been riding the bus since she began working for the City 12 years ago. With an 18-mile round trip commute, Shayne has reduced over 35,000 miles and saved over $10,000!

With the high cost of parking and the fact that the City of Spokane offers a free bus pass, made the decision to start riding the bus a no brainer. She also does not drive during the winter, so leaving the driving to STA works perfectly for her. She also takes advantage of the time on the bus to read and decompress on her way home.

Shayne’s biggest obstacle, showing her extra effort to use a commute option is that she has to walk almost 2 miles to the bus in the morning, and when she gets off the bus to go home; this is in rain, snow and shine!

Not only does Shayne encourage co-workers to ride the bus, she also encourages friends in her inner circle. She’ll ride the bus to meet up with friends, and when they offer to give her a ride home, she says, “no thanks, it’s okay to take the bus and it’s totally safe!”

Congratulations Shayne!