Champion ETC

Sandi Hamilton - Goodwill Industries

Sandi is the HR Specialist II for Goodwill Industries of the INW.  She markets her program to nearly 200 employees at the downtown site.

Goodwill offers $39 discounted bus passes, preferred parking, compressed work schedules, teleworking, guaranteed ride home program, lockers and monthly & quarterly prize drawings.  Sandi promotes their CTR program and their benefits at each in-store orientation every Tuesday.  She focuses on encouraging walking and biking during the warmer months and transit and carpooling in the colder months.

Recently, Sandy visited all the Goodwill stores throughout Spokane to talk about their CTR program.  She explained what the perks and benefits are, how they can participate and how even small actions can have a big impact on our air quality and traffic congestion in our area.

Sandi likes “the challenge” of being an ETC.  Trying to get employees engaged and excited about the CTR program is sometimes difficult, however with increasing gas prices, she’s had more interest in the program and employees seeking her assistance for a commute option that might work best for them.

Her proudest moment as ETC is being recognized as a Champion ETC.

Her words of wisdom are, “Keep trying.  Try to get through to your employees.  It’s like cold-calling, you need to be persistent.  If you stop trying, you’ll fail!”

Congratulations Sandi!