Champion ETC

Rebekah Buettner - Washington Trust Bank

Rebekah is a HR Admin Assistant for Washington Trust Bank. She’s been the ETC since April 2019. She markets her program to nearly 500 employees in downtown Spokane. WTB offers discounted bus passes, discounted parking rates for carpoolers, monthly giveaways, a guaranteed ride home program, and most recently teleworking.

Rebekah walks her talk and rides the bus into downtown every day. Her 10-mile one-way trip from Spokane Valley is relaxing and she enjoys the money she saves by not driving her car or paying downtown parking fees.

Rebekah markets her program to approximately 500 employees in downtown Spokane. Washington Trust Bank offers discounted bus passes, parking fees for carpoolers, monthly drawings for all participants, guaranteed ride home program and most recently teleworking.

Located in the HR department, Rebekah personally meets with all new hires during their on-boarding process. She’s able to educate them on the benefits of WTB’s CTR program and how they can save time and money by using commute options. She enjoys being a part of a program that makes a positive impact at her worksite as well as in our community.

Her proudest moment as ETC was taking her program from the Bronze level, that WTB had been when she took over the CTR program, to a Silver level in 2020. Having the points sheet available, she was able to see the areas of her program that she could improve upon to achieve a higher level. Since logging her trips in December 2019, Rebekah has saved over 9000 miles from our Spokane County roads.

Congratulations Rebekah!