Champion Business Leader

Randy Rudin - WA State DSHS - DCS

Randy is the Acting Field Operations Chief for WA State DSHS – Division of Child Support.  Randy has been a long-time supporter of CTR and believes it benefits both the employer as well as employees.

As a State Agency with no formal CTR budget, Randy has donated his own money to buy gift cards for incentives for his employees.  He also shows his support for the program by being an active participant himself and rides his bike into work as often as possible. He admits he is now a fair-weather rider but has enjoyed riding his bike through the snow to get to work in the past.

Randy feels that CTR benefits his organization in many ways.   It allows DSHS employees to participate in a cause that benefits our community by improving air quality and reducing traffic congestion. Employees walking and biking to work arrive energized and ready to begin their day.

The Division of Child Support still has a majority of their employees teleworking.  Currently, they are reviewing the balance between teleworking and working in the office to make sure the mix is appropriate.   Randy feels teleworking helps provides a good work/life balance for employees.

Randy feels the lack of a CTR budget is a challenge.  However, without being able to offer subsidies or incentives, the rising gas prices have employees looking at commute options that can save them money.

Randy feels it’s important to put the right person in the role of ETC.  He’s assigned the duties of the ETC to a supervisor, in his office, who provides encouragement and regular feedback to the teams in the office on their participation levels in the CTR program. This generates interest in CTR and maybe, some friendly competition.

Congratulations Randy!