Champion ETC

Norma Cantu - Spokane Community Collage

Norma is the Career Services Program Assistant and the ETC for SCC. She’s been the ETC for nearly 14 years. She also walks her talk. She carpools with her husband to the closest bus stop and then rides the bus to campus. Norma enjoys the “moment of silence” she has on the bus each day. She listens to music and relaxes on her way to and from work. She also enjoys being a passenger and how much she saves by not driving alone to work. “Randy some times feels as a chauffeur for Norma. But on a serious note, he watches out for her safety. (waiting until she boards). Using our STA bus service is very safe and practical.”

Norma markets her CTR program to over 800 faculty and staff. SCC offers 50% off transit passes, 75% off parking for carpoolers, and walkers and bicyclists also receive discounted parking on days they drive to campus. In addition, SCC also offers a guaranteed ride home and secured bike lockers.

Norma enjoys learning about her participants and why they choose to use commute options to get to campus. She’s intrigued about their “whys” and what drives them to ride their bikes, walk or ride the bus.

Her biggest challenge is persuading her employees to leave the car at home. Another is conducting the CTR survey for those employees who normally use computers during their work week. However, Norma takes the time to go meet with individuals or supervisors to assist with collecting surveys in order to comply with the requirements.

Norma’s words of wisdom are, “be creative, get out and meet your employees and give out incentives if possible. This is a great program”.

Congratulations Norma!