Commute Smart Champion

Nita Alexander - Spokesman-Review

Nita is a Graphic Designer and Prepress Technician for The Spokesman-Review/NW Offset Printing. She has been using commute options since 2010, saving nearly 15,000 miles off our roads. Prior to COVID, Nita rode her bike to work most days from spring to fall. She lived close enough to the downtown location, that it was enjoyable and economical. In early spring of 2020, Nita was reassigned to a new job, which transferred her to the valley location. Then COVID hit. Since then Nita has been mostly teleworking, and enjoying it, without the 19-mile one-way commute.

Although COVID-19 compelled teleworking, Nita appreciates The Spokesman-Review/NW Offset Printing and her boss for being so patient during the transition. She feels teleworking is a great option for employees if the employer allows it.

Nita has a dedicated workspace that is quiet and separate from shared living space, which helps her focus on working efficiently from home. She’s still able to get in her daily exercise by walking her dogs before her workday and a quick 30-minute walk at lunch to avoid the afternoon slump in energy.

Nita fills out her commute calendar on a regular basis. She also recommends working from home to friends and family if they are self-motivated. She’s been very instrumental in suggesting safe bike routes to employees working at the downtown site, to avoid the busiest streets and congested areas.

ETC, Amy Barrio, states “Nita is one of the most active and consistent participants utilizing the CTR program. Even with the Covid-19 pandemic and working from home nowadays, Nita continues to be a great example of “Lead by example” for the company and fellow coworkers!