Champion ETC

Nicholas Swan - DSHS - CSO Valley

Nick is a Public Benefits Specialist 4 for the Department of Social and Health Services at the Spokane Valley CSO/Call Center. Nick has been the ETC for the last 6 years and markets his program to around 160 employees. DSHS has restructured after the pandemic and now has many of their staff working from home or working alternate work schedules. They also offer showers, lockers, secured bike storage and a guaranteed ride home program.

As ETC, Nick appreciates that we are being progressive in Spokane County. Attempting to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, while also trying to improve air quality. He loves being part of the change!

Nick’s greatest challenge as ETC is keeping people engaged in the program. With nearly half of his employees working from home, it’s tough to get them to fill out their calendars. No budget for the CTR program is also difficult to work with sometimes, leading to less incentives for his employees to participate.

Nick’s proudest CTR moment was during his last CTR survey. It wasn’t easy and it took a lot of persistence, but Nick was able to achieve a nearly 80% response rate! Something Nick felt was a MAJOR achievement!

Nick’s words of advice to other ETCs, “Don’t give up! Keep grinding with your staff and keep educating. With more knowledge, staff will eventually find the value of the program and the healthy benefits it provides them”.

Congratulations Nick!