Champion Commuter

Nadien Kramer - Frontier Behavioral Health

Nadine is a Client Account Representative for Frontier Behavioral Health.  She has been teleworking since COVID hit in March of 2020.  Nadine appreciates the fact she doesn’t have to commute into work any longer.  It’s saves her money on fuel costs, wear and tear on her car and she doesn’t have the stress of her previous 15-mile round trip commute.  Working from home has also reduced her car insurance.

Nadine has always been a believer in commute options. She believes by using commute options, it helps to reduce traffic congestion and improve our air quality.  When she lived in Seattle, she would ride the bus and after moving to Spokane 9 years ago, she rode the bus to work in downtown Spokane.

Although working from home isn’t for everyone, Nadine enjoys the opportunity to do so and feels it provides her a work/life balance.  Being at home allows her to take a quick break, go outside and play with her dog or start a load of laundry.  She also feels she’s more productive at home with less interruptions than being in the office.

ETC, Crescent Ebel says, “Nadine is an advocate for the program. If other employees have questions, she could answer them, and also shows them how easy the online tool is to use. I always see her actively updating her calendar on the website.” 

Congratulations Nadine!