Champion Commuter

Mike Piccolo - City of Spokane, City Hall

Mike is the Assistant City Attorney for the City of Spokane and has worked downtown at City Hall for the last 32+ years. He’s commuted by public transportation primarily for environmental reasons. He feels that commuting by public transportation is an impactful way for individuals to help protect the environment by reducing the production of carbon emissions. Given the increased costs in downtown parking and free bus passes provided by the City of Spokane, commuting by transit just makes financial sense.

Improvements to the STA schedules has also reduced his commute time especially in comparison to how long it takes to drive to work, park a car at an affordable parking lot and then walk to work. Given the environmental and financial considerations and convenience, commuting by public transportation has been extremely beneficial.

Mike doesn’t really feel like he has any challenges by riding the bus into work. Occasionally, due to weather and or road construction, there are times when bus stops are closed or temporarily moved. Mike finds a way to get to these stops regardless and enjoys taking the express bus even though it does not get him as close to home as the regular bus would.

Not only does Mike ride transit to work, but he also had the opportunity to use a variety of public transit while on vacation, include bus, rail/tram and a high speed train system.

ETC, Jennifer Quick, states, “Mike is open about riding the bus and cares for the environment and the footprint we make. He often tells new employees about the city's free bus passes and is happy to help them navigate ways to get to work by bus. Mikes consistent use of the bus speaks for itself and is sure to inspire others he works with”.

Congratulations Mike!