Champion Business Leader

Michael Herzog – Itron, Inc.

Michael Herzog is the Director of the Program Management Office for Itron, Inc. The Commute Smart program directly aligns with Itron’s Mission and Purpose. Itron works with customers to ensure their success in managing energy and water resources. The Commute Smart program provides a tangible way to think about and responsibly manage valuable resources in the community.

Michael believes when people have an incentive or a visible way to measure things, that is where their attention follows. The Commute Smart program is an easy and visible way to understand that even reducing one trip saves resources and promotes cleaner air.

Itron has adopted a flexible approach to coming into the office. This has allowed most employees the option of teleworking. Our employees appreciate the flexibility, and the work-life balance it provides.

Michael says, “I try to lead by example by teleworking and when I do need to be in the office, I try to carpool. I also try to give employees some good ideas on how they too can reduce their trips, while remaining efficient and productive in the office and remotely”.