Champion ETC

Marilyn (Missy) Eaker - Medical Lake

Marilyn is the Administrative Clerk for the City of Medical Lake and has also been the ETC since August of 2022. She markets her program to 21 employees.

As a smaller worksite with only 21 employees, the work environment is very family-oriented. There are numerous employees who walk or bike to work together. Marilyn sets a great example by walking, riding her bike or carpooling to work, instead of driving alone.

Marilyn enjoys chatting up her CTR program to employees. Reminding them how rewarding it is to use commute options to get to work. For employees living close to the office, it’s typically faster to walk or bike to work then drive alone and they get to enjoy the healthy benefits.

Her greatest challenge as ETC, is as most of you know, is getting her employees to complete their commute calendar or reading her messages. City employees are spread out throughout several buildings within Medical Lake, so she’s not always face-to-face with all of them.

Marilyn’s proudest moment was recently they exceeded the number of bike racks for the employees who rode into work that day. So, they are looking to increase the amount of bike storage on-site. She was also instrumental in getting funds set aside in the 2024 budget to purchase an e-bike for the employees who need to run errands or go to meetings off-site during the day.

Her words of wisdom for other ETCs are, “Be patient! You may sound like a broken record but continue to educate employees of the benefits of using commute options. Saving money, time and being healthy, are all positive things!”

Congratulations Marilyn!