Champion ETC

Margee Chambers - Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency

Margee is the SIP Planner and Rule Writer for Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency. Margee has been the ETC since 2006. She markets her program to 19 employees.

The Clean Air Agency views CTR as an HR benefit. Margee not only receives support from their HR Manager and their Executive Director, but from their Board of Directors as well.

Participating just 1 time per month, their employees receive a small treat (candy bar, pack of gum). If they use a commute option 60% of the time or more, they receive a $30 transit subsidy or a $30 Fred Meyer gift card. They also offer a GRH, buy utilizing a staff agency car.

As the ETC, Margee enjoys working with other ETCs throughout Spokane County, as well as her colleagues at CommuteSmartNW. She enjoys the impacts her efforts have on our community. By reducing emissions and miles traveled on our road, individuals are saving money and helping to improve our air quality.

In her 15 years of service, Margee has several proud moments as ETC. Seeing her co-workers being recognized for their commute smart choices and receiving a Commuter Champion Award, working relentlessly to finally get teleworking approved, and hopefully in the spring of 2022, compressed work schedules will be approved. Her goal is to have most employees working a compressed works schedule by summer.

Margee’s words of wisdom for other ETCs, “Keep at it. Sometimes change, big or small, takes time. Sometimes, a lot of time.”

Congratulations Margee!