Champion ETC

Margaret Terry - Lakeland Village

Margaret is the Chief PBX Operator for Lakeland Village, located in Medical Lake. She has been the ETC since 2018 and markets her program to 700 employees. Lakeland Village offers preferred parking for carpoolers, showers, bike racks, offers compressed work schedules and a guaranteed ride home program. Margaret enjoys helping her employees find ways to get where they need to be without driving alone. Helping her employees understand how important conservation, protection and helping environment are. She also enjoys attending ETC Networking events and talking with other ETCs.

Her greatest challenge is getting her employees to read her emails and getting them to participate in their CTR program. But says, the prizes offered by Commute Smart NW are great incentives. Her current priority is to try and get a vanpool that originates in Spokane Valley.

Her proudest CTR moment was recently starting carpool registration for her carpoolers. She had some employees abusing the preferred parking provided throughout campus. So, Margaret had carpool passes created, so that all carpoolers must register in the CTR program AND track their trips on the commute calendar, in order to receive a parking pass and utilize those spaces. She’s found her employees are good about “tattling” if they see a car parked in a carpool space with a carpool tag!

Margaret’s words of wisdom are, “Never give up! Keep trying and it will pay off in the long run”! Congratulations Margaret!!