Champion Business Leader

Lindsey Skinfill – Numerica Credit Union

Lindsey Skinfill, Senior Vice President, People Potential for Numerica Credit Union, understands how a Commute Smart program can have a positive impact for both the employer and the employees.

Numerica’s Core Purpose is enhancing lives, fulfilling dreams, and building community. That means that the health of the community is key in fulfilling their purpose. The personal and environmental benefits of the Commute Smart program are good for their employees, members, and community.

Numerica’s Commute Smart program offers hybrid teleworking schedules, bike racks, showers, reserved parking for carpools, a budget for incentives, prizes and recently began offering bus subsidies.

Lindsey believes to have a successful Commute Smart program, it’s important to have an Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) who cares deeply about the employees and the community. It’s also important to give them the time and resources to make an impact.

Lindsey says, “Our Commute Smart program provides our employees options to save money and time on their commutes, enjoy health benefits from using active transportation and know they’re making a difference in our community and the environment.”