All Star Leader, 3rd Quarter 2018

Kristin Nester, Fairchild Air Force Base

Kristin is the Installation Management Flight Chief for FAFB. She has been involved in the CTR program for many years. She was the designated ETC from 1998 – 2004, and continues to be a key component to the CTR program.

FAFB has been a pioneer for the region by offering various commute alternative options. Kristin completely supports CTR by offering telework, compressed work schedules, fully subsidized transit and vanpool fares. With approximately 4,000 employees, FAFB has a single choke point (one entry), so it’s important to do their part to reduce the number of vehicles coming onto to the base each morning.

Kristin knows the benefits of CTR: reducing commute times, expenses and decreasing greenhouse gases from being emitted.
Kristin believes that employees thrive when working a schedule that promotes a work-life balance. They save money on their commuting costs, get out the door on time, and have more time to spend with their families. It’s a win-win situation for FAFB, the local region and the environment.

Kristin feels that CTR offers nothing but benefits to both the employer and their employees. It’s important for FAFB to be a good steward and good community partner, by being supportive of community programs.

Kristin has led the way in CTR at FAFB in her 20 years as both past ETC and now in her leadership position.

ETC, Josh Potter, states “It’s leadership like Kristin’s that makes FAFB such a strong proponent for commute alternatives use and environmental stewardship”.

Way to go Kristin!

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