Most Valuable Commuter

Kelly Lucey –  STA

Kelly is a Technical Projects Specialist in Spokane Transit’s Maintenance Department.  Kelly bikes to work every day except in the snow and ice, and then she’ll walk or ride the bus. Her commute is 3 miles, which takes about 15 minutes to ride to work, but because of hills, it takes her about 25 minutes to get home! 

Kelly started riding her biking about 10 years ago when she lived in Portland. Her motivation was to reduce her impact on the environment. She would love to see fewer cars on the road, less people driving alone and less dependency on fossil fuels. Since moving to Spokane 2 years ago, Kelly was encouraged to see that Spokane has a strong bike culture with plenty of route options.

Since beginning her job at STA, she has not driven to work once. She finds that her biggest challenges regarding bike riding do not involve her commute, but when she is out and about. It’s difficult to find bike parking, and the hills and construction can be a bit frustrating. She does, however enjoy the fact she is able to use the U-District bridge to get to and from work and she only has to deal with 2 traffic lights for her whole commute.

ETC Stacia Bowers says, “Kelly talks to people about her commute and is always willing to go on a group bike ride. She’s also helped co-workers in Spokane adopt cycling as a commuting method.”