Champion ETC

Karrie Diana - City of Spokane, Water Deptartment

Karrie is a Clerk II for the City of Spokane, Water Dept. She’s also been the ETC for the last 5 years. Karrie markets her program to approximately 150 employees. The City offers fully subsidized bus passes, preferred parking for carpoolers, bike racks, lockers, compressed work schedules and teleworking. Karrie works a compressed work schedule and occasionally will ride the bus.

Karrie’s biggest challenge promoting commute options is their FREE and abundant parking, with a gigantic parking lot that sits just to the north of their building.

She admits her attitude has been a journey in the last 5 years. There have been years where she had very little participation and found it hard to stay motivated, feeling like she was constantly “nagging” her employees to participate. However, things can change, and individuals, like Mark, can bring life to a program. When Karrie took over the program in February 2015, they had less than 10 participants in their program. Now, she’s grown her program to 30+ participants. She now has nearly 25% of her employees using a commute option AND updating their calendars!

Karrie enjoys being part of an environmentally conscious program and enjoys leading the process. Watching her program grow, makes her feel her perseverance and being consistently visible to her employees, is paying off. Her proudest CTR moment was achieving a 100% response rate on her 2019 CTR Survey!

Karrie’s words of wisdom, “Be patient and persistent. Don’t take it personally if your employees can’t or don’t want to participate. People do what they need to do.”

Congratulations Karrie!