Champion Business Leader

Karl Kolb – Coffman Engineers

Karl Kolb is the Spokane Office Managing Principal for Coffman Engineers. Karl has been a long-time supporter of CTR and believes it benefits both the employer as well as the employees.

As a company, Coffman Engineers supports the Commute Smart program by providing a transportation subsidy to all employees and pays for half of a public transportation pass. They believe this is not only a benefit to their employees but is part of their responsibility as an engineering firm with a focus on sustainability.

The Commute Smart program benefits their employees by supporting a healthier work/life balance. It provides more affordable options than paying for gas and parking downtown, it gives efficient and reliable public transportation through STA, and it encourages physical activity for those who ride bikes or walk to work.

Coffman Engineers also supports their Employee Transportation Coordinator, by making sure she has the time and communication platform to inform new staff of their plan, as well as any updates that might come.

Karl says, “The Commute Smart program directly aligns with Coffman Engineer’s core values of striving to be good stewards of our environment and actively engaging in our community.”