Champion ETC

Karen Troxell - Gonzaga University

Karen is the ETC and CTR Coordinator for Gonzaga University. She is also an Americorp volunteer. She’s been active in Gonzaga’s CTR program since 2019. She markets their CTR program to 1300 faculty and staff and walks her talk by walking and biking to campus as often as possible.

Gonzaga offers a fully subsidized bus pass to all employees and students. They also offer discounted parking pass rates and preferred parking for their carpoolers. GU offers secure bike storage outside all academic and administrative buildings. Shower facilities and a guaranteed ride home program are also offered. In addition, Gonzaga also offers workshops aimed at educating faculty, staff and students about their commute options throughout the year.

Karen was instrumental in launching a new marketing campaign. She worked with GU’s Marketing and Communications department to create digital flyers with information about the CTR resources, such as bus routes, park & rides and bike lanes, in specific zip codes. The flyers will be sent out to staff and faculty at the University living in those zip codes. She hopes that this targeted information will help inform faculty and staff of what their options are to driving alone.

When GU conducted their survey in the fall of 2020, a lot of employees were still working from home, due to COVID and their survey results were fantastic. As people are returning to the office, Karen plans on continuing pushing people to explore their commute options and not return to old habits of driving alone. Congratulations Karen!