Champion ETC

Julie Korssjoen - Spokane County

Julie has been the Parking Coordinator and ETC for Spokane County since March 2019. She markets her program to nearly 2000 County employees.

Spokane County offers nearly every CTR Program element; Nearly fully subsidized bus passes. Employees pay only $5 a month for a monthly STA pass. Subsidies as well as preferred parking for carpoolers and vanpoolers. With an average of an 18 year wait for a parking space, employees who carpool or vanpool can receive free, preferred parking on campus, regardless of seniority. The County also offers, secured bike storage, showers, lockers, Guaranteed Ride Home program, compressed work schedules, as well as teleworking. In addition, they have a budget that’s used for monthly drawings & giveaways.

With a 12 mile one way commute, Julie began carpooling shortly after becoming ETC. It was important for her to “walk her talk” and set an example for other Spokane County employees. Most recently with the COVID situation, Julie began teleworking, and will continue to do so 2-3 days per week.

Julie admits promoting CTR is what she loves most about her job! She loves coming up with creative ideas to get more employees involved and getting them to complete their calendars. As the Parking Coordinator, she can see the impact that the CTR program has on their parking situation, lowering the demand for parking.

Her greatest challenge is getting the employees to read her emails! But with each promotion, she hears from new employees inquiring about the County’s CTR program and asking questions about how they can participate! That gives her a sense of accomplishment!

Spokane County’s HR Director, Tim Hansen, says “With Julie at the helm, we’ll continue to get better and better!”

Congratulations Julie!