Champion Commuter

Josh Potter - FAFB

Josh is the Environmental Engineer for FAFB. With a 20-mile one-way commute, the costs of driving alone was very costly. After being designated as the ETC in 2011, Josh felt it was important for him to “walk his talk”. He started by riding the bus and working a compressed work schedule. Over the years his commute has evolved to vanpooling, teleworking and continuing his compressed work schedule.

Josh doesn’t feel he has any challenges to overcome, but since he NEVER drives to the base alone, he has to consolidate his errands to a few days a month. It does require thought and planning, but he doesn’t mind.

Josh feels it’s important for him to set a good example to others on base. With his knowledge, staff look to him to see how they can make commute options work for them. Josh takes every chance he gets to encourage fellow employees to use commute options. Josh says “more people know me for my ETC subject matter expertise knowledge than my engineering knowledge. I am searched out almost daily from employees that have a question about the CTR program at Fairchild AFB”.

As the primary driver, Josh ensures the van is always gassed up, washed, maintenance completed on time, cooled off in the summer and warmed up in the winter. And of course, pleasurable music is always playing.

Since June 2011, Josh has saved nearly 90,000 miles from our roads put $26,000 back in his pocket!

Congratulations Josh!