Champion Commuter

John Rockwell - Spokane Transit

John is the Senior Information Systems Manager for Spokane Transit. He met his wife at STA about 6 years ago and they soon began carpooling together. They enjoy the money they save by sharing their 44-mile round trip commute. They listen to audio books and feel it’s a nice transition to the beginning and the end of their work day.

John is a staunch supporter of carpooling. He recently encouraged 3 new hires to begin using commute options. In addition, John has been instrumental in assisting their ETC, Stacia Bowers, with STA’s parking program. He’s been helpful with ideas on STA’s carpool permit process and their parking area. He’s very invested and helpful.

He doesn’t see any obstacles by carpooling, only opportunity! It’s become their lifestyle and he enjoys the fuel savings, as well as the fact they’re not adding another vehicle on the road and contributing to traffic congestion.

ETC, Stacia Bowers, says “John is always willing to help with ideas and reporting when it comes to carpooling. He and his wife have been the ideal carpoolers and it is a joy to work with them. They are so committed and always fill out their calendars without a reminder. I wish I had more carpoolers like them!

Congratulations John!