Champion Business Leader

Joe Duricic - Fairchild Air Force Base

Joe is the Water and Fuel System Maintenance Shop Foreman for Fairchild AFB. Joe has been an active CTR supporter since 2002.

In a leadership position for the last 15 years, Joe leads by example by being an avid vanpooler as well as working a compressed work schedule. He makes sure his employees are aware of the transit and vanpool subsidies Fairchild AFB offers, as well as alternative work schedules available to them.

Joe believes that promoting commute options at Fairchild AFB has several benefits; reducing commute times, expenses and greenhouse gases from being emitted just to name a few. With only one primary point of entry at Fairchild AFB, it’s important to encourage the use of commute options to reduce the number of vehicles through their security gates.

Joe believes that employees thrive when working a schedule that promotes a work-life balance. He says, “It’s a win-win situation for Fairchild AFB, the local region and the environment”.

ETC, Josh Potter, says It’s leadership like Joe’s that has made Fairchild AFB a strong proponent for commute alternative use and environmental stewardship.

Congratulations Joe!