Champion ETC

Jody Long - Spokane Transit Paratransit

Jody is the Paratransit Clerk for STA Paratransit and has been the ETC for nearly the last 4 years. Jody markets her program to 84 employees.

STA offers free bus passes, vanpool subsidies, lockers, showers, preferred parking and a guaranteed ride home program.

Jody walks her talk by carpooling, as well as working a compressed work schedule. She enjoys talking with her co-workers and helping them find commute options that work best for them. She appreciates the fact that she is a part of the bigger picture that is helping the community by taking cars off the road and keeping our air cleaner and healthier.

Jody’s greatest challenge in promoting commute options at her worksite is varied shift end times and that their Operators don’t have access to computers. However, Jody offers hard copy calendars and she updates their commute calendars for them.

Her proudest CTR moment was achieving a 100% response rate on her 2019 survey. She was able to get the Supervisors involved and created a little friendly competition to get their support.

Her words of wisdom, “Just remain positive and consistent. You can’t force your employees to participate, but you can educate them on their commute choices”.

Congratulations Jody!