Champion ETC

Jocelyn Urban - Altek, Inc.

Jocelyn has been the ETC for Altek, Inc. in Liberty Lake since October of 2018. She markets her CTR program to 157 employees and walks her talk by carpooling to work each day.

Altek offers $28 discounted transit passes, $20 monthly gas cards for their carpoolers and $20 Amazon gift cards for walkers & bikers. They also offer secured bike parking, flextime, guaranteed ride home, internal ride match services and post office services.

As the ETC, Jocelyn enjoys feeling like she’s making a difference. Not only within her own workplace, but also for the local community, as well as the earth.

Her greatest challenge is trying to get her employees interested in using commute options. Most like the conveniences of having their own car, but she continues to market her program and educate her employees on the benefits and the incentives that Altek offers.

Her proudest moment was taking Altek from a Bronze in 2019 to a Silver in 2020! With 2020 being a challenging year, Jocelyn was still able to attend all ETC networking events and increased her points within ETC engagement.

Here words of wisdom are “as long as your trying your very best, you will always succeed”.

Congratulations Jocelyn!