Champion Commuter

Jim Moneymaker - Eastern Washington Universtity

Jim is the Business Manager for Facilities & Planning at EWU. Jim has been riding the bus to EWU every day, for the last 18 years. A couple months after Jim began working at EWU, he noticed the bus pulling up, right outside his building, throughout the day and decided to look into it. Living in north Spokane, Jim found that parking at the Jefferson Park & Ride and jumping on the bus to EWU was a simple solution to the 36-mile round trip he had been driving daily.

Jim takes advantage of the free bus pass program the EWU offers. He enjoys the savings on fuel and the reduced wear and tear on his personal vehicle. He uses his time on the bus to relax, listen to music or read. In the last 5 years, since logging his trips on his commute calendar, Jim has eliminated almost 40,000 miles and saved over $11,000!

Jim doesn’t feel he has any challenges to overcome by riding the bus. When his kids were in high school, and they needed the car during the day more than him, Jim appreciated that transit worked so well for him, so there was no need to get an additional car for his family.

ETC, Michelle Rasmussen, says “Jim shares his bus ridership and the convenience of parking and riding out to EWU with anyone who will listen. He’s a cheerleader when it comes to promoting the program and his 18 years of consistent daily ridership demonstrates his enthusiasm.

Congratulations Jim!