Champion Business Leader

Janet Stowe - STA Paratransit

Janet Stowe is the Senior Manager for Paratransit & Vanpool for Spokane Transit. Her site is located just north of the bus barn, and employs 102 employees.

STA offers fully subsidized bus passes, preferred parking for carpoolers and vanpoolers, bike lockers, showers, a workout room and compressed work schedules. Janet also approved a budget for monthly drawings for their site only.

Janet believes CTR benefits her organization in many ways. Offering employees to work a compressed work schedule is one of them. She allows as many employees as possible to work a 4/10 or 9/80 schedule. It’s a win-win for both the employer and the employees. The employer has happier employees and the employees see it as a benefit and enjoy the extra day off each week or every other week.

Janet encourages other employers to consider offering compressed work schedules. It doesn’t cost an employer anything to offer compressed work schedules! Employees appreciate it, there is less overtime and it’s an attractive benefit for recruiting new hires.

ETC, Jody Long, states “Anything is possible with the right support. Janet is very encouraging and approachable. She allows me the time to concentrate on CTR and is always very excited to implement new things to encourage staff to try commute options.”

Janet also supported Jody in the 2019 CTR survey, requiring all employees to complete the survey and achieving a 100% response rate.

Janet is a firm believer in promoting commute options for their employees. She stated, “As a service provider in our community, STA, provides transit, paratransit and vanpool. It’s important for STA as an organization to encourage participation in the CTR program and lead by example.”