Champion Commuter

Ivanna Lomas - City of Medical Lake

Ivanna is the Park & Rec. Coordinator for City of Medical Lake. She’s been using commute options for the last 3 ½ years. She rides her bike, carpools and occasionally teleworks.

Since COVID-19 hit, Ivanna likes to keep active and get her exercise wherever she can. She rides her bike nearly every day and on occasion will carpool with a co-worker Missy.

Ivanna doesn’t feel she has any obstacles to overcome. When there is inclimate weather, she’ll bundle up or bring out her raincoat. Occasionally, she’ll have bike issues. Luckily, another co-worker, who they refer to as “Mechanic Dave” is their on-site bike mechanic and will make repairs for them!

On occasion, Ivanna brings visitors into the office. Ivanna has a special bird cage backpack and her 2 Conures, will ride along with her to work.

Ivanna likes to have fun and will create games when riding to and from work. She will have friendly competitions with other co-workers who ride their bikes and have races to get to certain points on their commute first, or if one drives, they see who can make it to work or home first.

ETC, Felicia Irish, says “Ivanna makes riding a bike to work look so easy, not much slows her down”.

Congratulations Ivanna!