Champion Commuter

Emily Rebert - Fairchild Air Force Base

Emily is the Cultural Resources Subject Matter Expert for Fairchild Air Force Base. Soon after she began working on base in 2020, she knew it was important to find a way to reduce her commuting costs, since she had a 40-mile round trip commute. Emily found a vanpool that worked for her and it turned out to be her ETC, Josh Potter’s van. All the riders live fairly close to each other, so they’re able to have a milk run route and each rider is picked up and dropped off at their doorstep. Very convenient!!!

Emily utilizes the grocery store and the Exchange on base to minimize the amount of errands she has to run after work and on the weekends even further reducing how much she has to drive. This allows Emily to follow another passion of hers and spending as much times as possible tending to her garden and indoor plants. ETC, Josh Potter states that Emily loves to tell anyone who listens how CTR can make the Earth greener. She truly believes that Earth Day can be everyday if everyone makes small changes in their lives.

Congratulations Emily!