Champion Commuter

Eddie Ramirez - City of Spokane Water Department

Eddie is a Labor II for the City of Spokane, Water Department. Eddie rides his bike to and from work each day. He wanted to get more exercise so he picked something that he wouldn’t just benefit from physically, but also enjoy. In addition, Eddie enjoys how much he saves on gas, only having to fill up his personal vehicle about every 6 weeks!

Eddie doesn’t feel he has many obstacles to overcome by riding his bike to work. He does have to be very careful of drivers as he navigates commute traffic. Biking also takes a little longer each morning/evening, so he has had to adjust his daily routines to accommodate. The mornings can also be very cold!

ETC, Karrie Diana stated, “Eddie very quietly started participating in the CTR program with no assistance or prodding from me. Usually, employees visit me at my desk or call me to help them establish their calendars or fill them out. His name just randomly popped up in my monthly CTR reports and I was grateful that he chose to participate on his own. I then found out that the AWESOME hybrid bike that gets parked in our shop every day was his – it’s so cool! He’s been telling everybody that talks to him about his bike that they should just take the plunge and buy one of their own. His encouragement is working too – I’ve been seeing another hybrid bike parking next to his. Thanks, Eddie, for being an advocate for biking to work! I appreciate you”.

Congratulations Eddie!