All Star Coach

Dixie Smith – Dept. of Ecology

Dixie Smith, has been the ETC for WA State Dept. of Ecology for the last 4 years. She carpools with her husband when their schedules allow. Dixie markets her program to 134 employees. They offer a subsidy of $1 each day to any employee who uses a commute alternative! They also offer secured bike storage, lockers, showers, compressed work schedules, teleworking and a guaranteed ride home program. And, being located on the corner of Monroe & Wellesley, they do have very convenient bus service.

Dixie was instrumental in their much improved 2019 survey results. They made their non-drive alone goal and nearly made their VMT goal. Dept. of Ecology increased participants carpooling, riding the bus, biking, and working compressed work schedules from their 2017.

Dixie makes it a point to meet with all new employees so they’re aware of the benefits that Dept. of Ecology offers their employees. Dixie enjoys helping her employees find the commute alternative that works best for them.

Her biggest challenge is getting her employees to read her emails. Although, just recently, she had an employee email her thanking her for her CTR updates! That was a proud moment for Dixie. Someone actually read her email and THANKED her for it!

Dixie’s words of wisdom, “Try and be available for questions and help where you can and just keep doing what you’re doing… they are reading your emails”.