Champion Commuter

Dawn Mosher - Eastern Washington University

Dawn is an Interlibrary Loan/Summit Technician for EWU.  Dawn has used public transportation her entire life.  As a small child, she remembers waiting with her mom at the bus stop to take her to daycare.   Dawn has never owned a car.  She takes the bus or walks wherever she needs to go.

Dawn appreciates the free bus pass she receives from the university, making her 32-mile round trip commute affordable.  She enjoys the stress-free commute she has by riding the bus and the fact that she can use that time to decompress after a long day.  Dawn also likes that she is helping to lessen her carbon footprint by riding transit and walking.

Dawn’s biggest obstacle in using a commute option, is time management and having to plan her day around the bus schedule. Because the bus system uses a specific time frame for operation, she has to plan her commute to make it to work on time and to be able to get home without issue.

She loves how easy it is to keep track of her monthly and yearly progress, saying, “the calendar is very easy to fill out, and the perks are a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love a gift card and occasional swag"?

ETC, Michelle Rasmussen, says “Over the last six years, Dawn has been a consistent CTR program supporter and always completes her calendar!  She’s a great example to others at EWU!” 

Congratulations Dawn!