Champion Commuter

Darroll Woelk - Spokane Transit

Darroll works in 1st Class Vehicle Maintenance for Spokane Transit. He has been riding his bike to work, nearly every day, for the last 15 years. He enjoys saving gas, money, wear and tear on his truck and the fact he’s able to get some fresh air and exercise each day.

Darroll began riding his bike when he realized it didn’t make sense to warm up his diesel truck and drive one mile to work. He starts work at 4:30am, so traffic isn’t necessarily an issue. He enjoys the quiet ride into work and finds it’s faster than driving and parking, as he’s able to just bring his bike inside and park it.

The only challenge Darroll has riding his bike is inclement weather. When winter weather is too much, Darroll will drive, but that doesn’t happen often.

Darroll does encourage fellow employees to use commute options. For those living further away than he does, he shares the benefits of carpooling, vanpooling or riding the bus.

ETC, Stacia Bowers, says “Darroll consistently sets a good example by visibly bringing his bike into work and shows others how easily choosing a commute option is”.

Congratulations Darroll!