Champion Commuter

Dan Burgess - Avista

Dan is a Senior Business Analyst for Avista. Through the years, Dan has carpooled, walked or bicycled into work. Currently he walks or bikes 2-3 times a week.

A couple years back, Dan’s son’s car was hit out front of their home and was totaled. At that point, Dan and his wife decided to give their son their car and become a one-car family. That was the nudge that Dan needed to try something new. He and his wife weren’t sure they could make one car work, but they’ve not only made it work, it’s become a habit, a way to get their exercise in and a less perceived inconvenience.

Both Dan and his wife live within 3 miles of their employers. If they both work on the same day, they’ll take turns walking to work. Whoever walks that day, must also walk the family dog. Dan enjoys the surprises he discovers while walking and bicycling. He discovered new stairs, like the ones found at 8th & Sherman that make it safer crossing busy streets! He also feels good about what he is doing when walking across the I-90 pedestrian bridge, seeing all the cars backed up, while he continues to move along with his commute. Often, he can get to work faster by bicycling, than he can driving in a car.

ETC, Kristen Chapa, states “Dan has a love for the environment and energy reduction in any way her can. In addition, the benefit of health improvement is an added bonus!”

Congratulations Dan!