Champion Commuter

Crystal Belwood - Eastern Washington University

Crystal Bellwood is a Library Archive Para-Professional for EWU. Crystal began working at EWU in 2015 and has ridden the bus to work every day since. In fact, riding the bus has been her main transportation since she was about 9 years old, when she would ride with her family. She enjoys her stress-free commute and the friendships she’s made with both riders and drivers. Crystal loves to read, so she gets a quick read on the bus each day on her way to work.

She also enjoys the free bus pass benefit that EWU offers their faculty, staff and students. Crystal tries to encourage others to take the bus but knows it may not always be practical for others. She shares her experiences and her enjoyment of being free from a vehicle.

Crystal doesn’t feel she has any big challenges riding the bus, but there is the occasional bus mishap due to weather or a breakdown. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, she has to adjust her work schedule up to 30 minutes. But her supervisor is very supportive and understands that things happen.

ETC, Michelle Rasmussen states “Crystal ‘s example is an inspiration to others in that you can get around with an alternative way to travel when there is no access to a vehicle”.

Congratulations Crystal!