Champion Commuter

Clayton Krietzman - Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency

Clayton is a Compliance Inspector for the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency.

Clayton started teleworking when telework became an option due to the Covid-19 outbreak and teleworked full time. Now that Covid restrictions have ended, Clayton is required to work in the office 4 days a week and continues to telework 1 day a week. Having to be in the field every day, Clayton uses his telework day to focus on completing all his weekly reports.

Clayton enjoys the benefits of teleworking. Saving money, protecting the environment, and improving his work life balance.

After the Clean Air Agency relocated to the West Plains in the summer of 2021, Clayton’s commute doubled to 38 miles round trip! Clayton purchased a fuel saving, commuter car. With the combination of teleworking and having a vehicle with great gas mileage, Clayton saves approximately $150 a month.

Clayton and his wife coordinate their schedules to accommodate the best use of commuting with the busy work schedules and children activity schedules. Clayton and his wife decided it would be best for their kids to ride the school bus instead of getting driven by a parent, so they don’t contribute to extra cars on the road.

Clayton is also the coordinator of the wellness committee at the Clean Air Agency. He encourages coworkers to choose wellness, and that includes commute options.

ETC, Margee Chambers, states “Clayton is a true advocate of commute options and sets a great example of doing his part to help keep our air clean. He also fills out his online commute calendar regularly, without being reminded!

Congratulations Clayton!