Champion Business Leader

Clark Brekke - Goodwill Industries

Clark is the President and CEO for Goodwill Industries on the Inland Northwest. Goodwill Industries employs nearly 600 employees throughout Spokane County, 200 of those at the downtown site.

“Goodwill believes in environmental stewardship. CTR is good for our environment and aligns with our mission to reduce, reuse and repurpose”, says Clark.

Clark is a huge fan of Goodwill’s CTR program and supports the CTR program in many ways. He ensures the CTR program has a line item in the budget to ensure subsidies and incentives remain in place. He’s also very supportive of their ETC, giving her time, money and resources needed to have a successful CTR program.

As a result of COVID-19, Goodwill Industries adapted a formal telework policy for those employees who could do their jobs remotely. Moving forward, Goodwill will continue to offer teleworking as part of their CTR program. Currently, Goodwill Industries has approximately 25% of all their downtown employees using commute options. Clark states, “Whether carpooling, riding the bus, walking, bicycling or working from home, it all adds up and allows our employees to be part of something big, that has a positive impact on our community”.

Clarke encourages other Executives to embrace their CTR programs and the benefits to both the employer and the employees. Give your employees the options to save money on their commute, make a change in our community and reduce our carbon footprint!

Congratulations Clark!